Lauren “Pinch” Pincher (b.1996) is a self-taught fine artist based in Norwich, UK.

Initially educated in Architecture, they re-discovered their passion for Fine Art and incorporated the two to focus on colourful interpretations of the built environment, and successfully launched PinchPaints as a full-time business in October 2022.

Pinch is a 2D figurative artist, however their favoured medium is acrylic applied with palette knives to capture a more emotive, textured aesthetic to paintings as well as occasional softer, expressionistic sketch work for plein-air study pieces. 

Pinch currently researches both how connection to The Self as well as physical surroundings impacts and anchors people in order to investigate the meaning of “Home”, alongside being the co-founder of “Emerge” – An art show dedicated to showcasing unrepresented artistic talent across Norfolk and Suffolk whilst removing financial barriers that many aspiring artists face in the early years of their professional practice. 

Group Shows:

Interrupt: 08.02.24 – 24.02.24 The Undercroft Gallery, Norwich UK

Anteros Arts end of year Showcase: 18.12.23 – 05.01.24 Anteros Arts Foundation, Norwich UK

EMERGE at The Undercroft (Curator) : 22.11.23 – 26.11.23 The Undercroft Gallery, Norwich UK

Unreliable Progress: 14.08.23 – 20.08.23, St Mary’s Works, Norwich UK

LUSH Pride Pop-Up Gallery: 08.07.23 – 14.07.23, Chantry Place, Norwich UK

Resident Artist: 01.06.23 – present, Norwich Art Shop Gallery, 75 Upper St Giles, Norwich UK

Art and Science “Pint of Science Festival”: 22.05.23 – 23.05.23, Causewayside, Edinburgh UK

As Art Co Showcase, 20.04.23 – 25.04.23, One Upper Goat Gallery, Norwich UK 

Unconsumed: 04.03.23 – 10.03.23, St Mary’s Works, Norwich UK